Who are our customers?

Sole Traders

For a sole trader building a website can be very low on the list of priorities, and many would find this a daunting task. Well don’t worry, we would probably find your job daunting too, so you are not alone and we fully understand! Let Skywing Internet handle your Website. It is likely that you do not require a large website, just a small simple website. The cost for this would be 10 per month.

Small Businesses

For a small business you may need a little more than a Sole Trader, but don’t worry, at Skywing internet we can handle that as well. Depending on your exact requirements these could start at 10 per month, however once your requirements are analysed an exact figure can be calculated.


If you are a registered charity, then a 33% discount will be applied to your account, this discount does not apply to domain name registration or hosting fees, where your discount would be 10%. Please contact us to find out more about our charity discount options.

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